The game is played between two teams, each team is permitted to have up to 10 players. The fielding team is permitted to have seven players on the field at any one time, with the remaining players being man/women reserves. The fielding team must have a bowler and wicket keeper with five players in fielding positions. The batting team will have seven batters able to play per innings. With each game, the two teams have a single innings each, which is restricted to a maximum of seven overs.

A match consists of two 12 minutes halves with a 2-minute rest period in-between.


  • Only tennis balls less than three years old may be used. No taped balls.
  • If the dog gets hold of the ball it is the bowler’s responsibility to clean off the slobber.
  • Host receives home-ground equipment advantage – unless visitor has bought round a bat bearing Boony’s signature
  • Crease must be clearly marked by chalk or by a dead section of grass

Starting Play

One player from each team will use paper, scissors or rock to determine who will bat or field first.

First ball not out

  • A batsman cannot go out on the first ball.
  • This slightly annoying rule has been designed to minimise the amount of tears soaking the lawn.

No LBW (not even for Nanna)

  • The LBW rule is too hard to enforce.
  • Bowlers cannot be trusted to offer an impartial ruling.
  • If any batsman is caught deliberately blocking the ball, they will be sent to the end of the BBQ queue at lunch.

Tippity Run

  • If it nicks the bat, you have to run
  • Tears will not be tolerated
  • Hysterical screams of “Tippity run! Tippity run!” can help remind the batsman of the rules.

One hand one bounce

  • If the ball only bounces once, fielders can catch with one hand and batsman is considered out
  • This rule helps avoid the batsman’s temptation to show off.


  • Smashing the ball over the fence or into the pool will get you 6 runs, but you’re automatically out
  • Batsman has to retrieve the ball
  • Any ball caught by the dog falls under the “Six and out” rule
  • This rule is non-negotiable.